Last weekend I pretty spontaneously decided to attend the Access Developers Conference (Access Entwickler Konferenz - AEK) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I really enjoyed meeting and talking to all the other attendants. It is always nice to meet so many people in person I otherwise only interact with via email. Some of our customers were there as well, so I gathered some valuable feedback on Ivercy.

This year I haven’t had the time to commit to a full talk on the conferences main track. Still, I managed to hastily prepare a short talk for the more informal and much shorter evening sessions of the conference (AEK-Abend).

I did a short (11 Minutes) presentation on Branching and Merging with source code control to release bug fixes during longer development cycles. Just slides and theory, no demo. I recorded my presentation on video. You can watch it here; it is in German though!

The slides are available for download in PDF-Format as well.

If you are spontaneous and located in central Europe you can still register for the last AEK19 conference event for this year in Hannover, Germany on Oct. 15th/16th 2016.