Today I did a first time ever test of Ivercy with Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere and did a screen recording of it. We do not officially support SourceAnywhere yet. Still I wanted to check if there are any serious problems visible at first glance.

The test went very well. Except for a minor issue with the SCC status not being refreshed immediately after creating the Access database from the repository, everything was working perfectly fine.

This is my very first published screen recording ever. It was done unprepared and with hardly any script at all. So there are few Uhs and Ahs in there and the content could (should!) have been more concise. – Nevertheless, I think the resulting video helps getting an impression of Ivercy in action and of some simple steps in the source code control workflow.

So I published it. You can watch the video here.

I’ll probably do some more screen recordings of Ivercy in the future. What do you think?


Comment by Philipp Stiefel (Ivercy)

The latest Version of Ivercy (1.2) has been fully tested with Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere!