Back in October I announced the next release of Ivercy for January 2016. We are well into February now and there is neither a new general release nor a new beta version out.

And this is mainly my fault. Sorry. I messed up. I overcommitted to too much client consulting work for the past months. This was aggravated by less than planned availability of freelance staff, so we could not dedicate enough time to Ivercy.

On top of those organizational shortcomings we had some unexpected technical issues with the new features in Ivercy. Those lead to the decision to not release a first beta that was planned for last week.

So the bottom line is, I want you to know Ivercy is alive and we are working on bug fixes as well as new features. It will be weeks rather than months until we release a new version. However I do not want to commit to a schedule I’m not sure we can meet for now.